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Welcome to creativity: a new 5-part doc series exploring the African cultural movers and shakers (Stocktown Film). First episode is about Angola and it’s looking pretty good. (via Afripedia)

How do you present products differently.

The most talked about shows at the NYFW that just ended were Olivier Saillard’s “Model never Walk" and Opening Ceremony’s "100% Lost Cotton

One was a performance piece with no clothes on show, and the second a one-night-only, one-act play about a catwalk show, in which the new collection serves as theatrical costume in a story about the human dramas of fashion week. 

The people and emotions rather than clothing are taking centre stage.

I have been thinking about displaying product on website for quite a while now, and the two previous examples made me wonder about emotion, and performance online.

How you describe the products in a captivating way or make them come to life is key to emotional connection. In one paragraph of the book “Au Bonheur des Dames”, Emile Zola describes the stall is such an enticing way you almost feel like your are actually touching silk and ribbons. 

We’ve seen a lot of capturing of emotions in recent ads, the trend started with Lurpark (have a quick look at the case study).

However when I went to the site I did not get the same feeling. 

How do you make people want to try, touch or taste online. I discovered paper and paint yesterday, they sell paper and paint, basically. I couldn’t quite figure out what it was I liked about it (basic ingredients are here: big photography, nice colour palette) but that’s not it. And today I found out what it was, by going onto another site. 

Hello brand new redesign website. To bring the brand and storytelling to life they used the simplest trick: not present the product in its bottle.  

And it works, the texture makes you feel things rather than adding your bottle in a cart. 

Really simple, really clever. Site here

And by the way, sales increased by 20% in the first week of the site going live. 

Boots on dirait un peu Thom Yorke, non?
Boots: Mercy

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